Our school is a technical vocational school. The school was founded in 1848. Since then we have developed into a modern regional competence center for technical subjects. Our main areas of activity are metal engineering, electrical engineering, automotive technology and information technology. We offer a wide range of educational programs.

Our team of 70 teachers ensures that our students reach their desired educational aims. All courses combine theoretical subjects and hands-on modules. Our teaching approach is activity-oriented. We have numerous modern workshops and laboratories

One of our exclusive features is our robot academy and maker space. We have been granted funds to implement a competence center for control and automation technology. This includes a robotic training facility that is unique in Germany.

We place high value on the cooperation with regional craft and industrial enterprises. We share our expertise with international partners. Moreover, we offer various extra curricular activities for a positive learning environment.


International CooperationBeratungszentrumTermine

04.11.2023 - 18.11.2023
KFZ Schüler sind in Cartagena

Aktionen im MakerSpace und Roboterzentrum


Ausbildersprechtag E+IT

SCHILF Unterrichtsentwicklung

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